How I Remember It….

As anyone in my family, or close friends will attest, one of the things I can’t escape from is my memory. I remember everything. It’s a blessing and a curse. Vivid memories haunt me. Childhood feels an arms-length away at all times. And it was a roller-coaster. But I also suffer from golden-age thinking, where I sentimentalize the past. Which is why, this section is aptly titled, How I Remember It.

My goal is to add a story every week or so…

There are three significant days in the story of my family. One, is Christmas 1984, the second is Halloween 1991, and the third is my Birthday 2020 (Hopefully!) These are the focal points of the stories I’m writing. It is a family memoir.



I wrote this when I was an undergrad for a Creative Nonfiction class. It was published in 2013 in the collegiate journal Metrosphere. It was also first runner-up in The Writes of Spring (nonfiction category, which is an inter-collegiate writing competition held every year in Colorado.