Why Now?

I was born Edward Drewno II. In Detroit, Michigan.

My parents are Edward Drewno and Helen Kepich.

My mother changed her name to Anna-Leigh.

I have a sister named Jennie.

I have a brother named Timothy.

I changed my name in 1995 to Patrick Hurley.

My mom’s family name is Hurley. When I was 8 years old she discovered she had been given away to her aunt, and raised away from her biological brothers and sisters. All of whom we met in 1984.

My dad had a falling out with his family in 1980. I’ve not seen any of them since.

My family is deeply fractured.

This project is meant to unite. I want to bring together as many of them as are willing.

I want my family back.

This project is meant to mend. Life is short. Love is the only resource we’re born with. Family is the first to tap into this resource-

Therefore, while there’s still time…